Here are a list of activities we've compiled for Latino Conservation Week 2020! You can right-click and download pictures of the activities (by selecting "Save Image As") if you want to print them or if the preview of an activity appears to be cut-off. If the item is a pdf, you can download it directly to access the activity.

Wildlife Bingo (2 versions, 2 boards each)

Cross off each square when you find the animal/plant/item. If you complete a whole column, row, or diagonal (4 boxes), you yell "BINGO"! Print out different versions to play with a friend and see who gets Bingo first!

Nature Scavenger Hunt (2 versions)

Explore your neighborhood or a natural area (see our list of suggested birding spots below) and circle or cross off items that you find. See how long it takes you to find all the items! Make sure to follow social distancing guidelines if you're walking around in places with other people.

Coloring Pages


Common Los Angeles Bird and Plant Species Guides

Bird Beak Matching Activity

5 Senses Poem

BASBC's Favorite LA Birding Spots

Birding Journal Activity

Use this when observing birds in your neighborhood, or watch an online wildlife camera to see some cool birds! Some online cameras we suggest:

Origami Birds

Visit this site for patterns for making several kinds of origami birds: