About Us

Who We Are

We love birds! We're a community of people who are interested in learning more about birds, working to make native habitats more abundant, and working to make natural spaces more accessible to all. 

We highlight that learning about birds also means learning about how the ecological, cultural, and political histories shape the landscapes around us. 

Learning about birds is also a great way to connect with other people—people have different relationships with birds across cultures and can come together through the experience of encountering birds. 

We work to make our club a welcoming space for anyone remotely curious about these ideas, regardless of experience and time commitment. 

What We Do

Birding Trips and Events

Conservation Projects

Building Community

Meet the Board

Maddi Cowen - Co-President

Rosa McGuire - Co-President

Ellis Song - Vice President

Ben Apsley - Secretary

Joey Curti - Treasurer

Nurti Katz - Faculty Advisor

Jeffrey Cheng - Social Events Director

Yuka Wu - Conservation Director

Rujin Yu - Social Media

Aslan Li - Co-director of IT

Russell Stottlemyer - Co-director of IT

Zhiheng Liu - Data Analyst

We love to collaborate! If you have ideas or questions, please contact us:

Email us at bruinbirdingclub@gmail.com.

Or get in touch through Facebook or Instagram.

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