Hummingbird Canyon

Have you heard about Hummingbird Canyon? It's the name of a habitat revitalization project our club is running on campus. Beginning in Spring 2020, we removed a large mat of invasive ivy and other non-native plants, and replaced them with plant species native to Southern California. The plants we've chosen will provide resources for pollinators, including hummingbirds, butterflies, and honeybees. Because the area is shaded and has light levels reminiscent of canyons in the Santa Monica Mountains, we are designing our "Hummingbird Canyon" garden to mimic these signature landscapes. 

The garden is located on campus, between Franz Hall and the Geology Building. We meet regularly to maintain the garden, plan new plantings, and work on communication about the garden. If you’d like to get involved or join a garden tour, please email This garden was made possible through collaboration with UCLA Facilities Management and thanks to support from the National Audubon Society.


This area was once covered in ivy, an invasive species that was inhospitable to many birds and pollinators. Despite this, it was home to over 200 hummingbirds, thanks to feeders once located at the site. Now that the feeders are gone, we are trying to provide hummingbirds and other pollinators with natural nectar sources via a native plants garden that blooms nearly year-round. Learn more about the hummingbirds that use to frequent this site:

Ivy Removal in Spring 2020

Planting Day in Spring 2020

Planting Day in Winter 2023

Gallery of Plants in Bloom

Hummingbird Canyon Today